3 door limits, with maximum opening angle at 87°

Popular car-style perforated intake grille

Combination LED headlamp up to 50,000CD in illuminating intensity

Cummins 3.8 engine, with maximum power at 125kW, maximum torque at 600N.m

maximum torque at 600N.mStrong applicability through matching development between ZF and Cummins engine

The frame features large section height and high stiffness and carrying capacity

High-strength steel plate of the frame, high bearing capacit

Lightweight design, aluminum alloy rim

minimum turning radius only 4.9M

maximum length of the cargo can be 3.3 meter

two options of single rear tire and double rear tires

810mm loading height is convenient to load and unload goods

Broad rearview mirror vision

Compliance with European strength certification

Optimal matching and lightweight design of vehicle drive system guarantee fuel econom

European certified radial and wire tires

High-strength steel body to reduce collision damage

exposure height of headlight adjustable

lightweight design with all aluminum engine and aluminum shell gearbox

1.5L gasoline engine which maximum power is 82KW and 2.2L diesel engine which maximum power is 65KW