VIEW CS2 is a new generation of large commercial vehicle, featuring high comfort, strong power and large space. It also has a variety of high-end configurations, bringing users a superior comfortable driving experience.

Equipped with strong power and high-performance "core" derived from German technology-Aucan engine, combined with FEV super strong supply chain, Tunland G achieves the perfect fusion of surging power and efficient fuel-saving, it’s also comfortable and super quiet, leading the same level of NVH.

Based on customer demands, relying on proactive thinking and technological innovation, Auman EST-A, fuel-efficient, reliable, safe, comfortable and intelligent.

Aumark E focuses on high-frequency urban distribution, it integrates technology from Germany, the United States, Japan and China to save fuel from the engine to the entire vehicle. It is the best choice of urban logistics.

Aumark S is a new platform of high-end light duty truck that integrates the leading technology of global light duty trucks. Fuel consumption is reduced by 10% and freight efficiency is improved by 30%, reliability increased by 50% after 1.6 million kilometers of reliability verification, and it’s the first to pass European strict testing and safety certification.

The new platform Auman EST-M, stylish appearance with dynamic tough lines, uniquely show the European truck style, fully meet variety of working conditions, suitable for all kinds of intercity logistics, providing drivers guarantee through entire product lifecycle.